Sunday, 15 January 2012

DIY: Oreo Truffles! ♥

Hey girls!

I know you guys love sweets as much as I do, so therefore today I am presenting you with DIY Oreo Truffles! The fun part is, NO BAKING IS NEEDED! You guys know how much I love making sweets without having to bake. These truffles are super fun to make, super easy, and may I tell you super pretty! They make great gifts, snacks at a party, or simply just for yourself! Oreo lovers will love this, but so will any chocolate/sweets lover!

Here's how you can make this delicious snack!

♥ 1 pack of Oreos 
♥ 1 cup of Cream Cheese (Original)
♥ Chocolate Chips
♥ Cupcake Liners (Optional)

♥ Take your Oreos and smash them until they reach a powdery consistency. You can use a food processor, or put the Oreos (some at a time) in a big ziplock bag and crush them.
♥ Take your Cream Cheese, and mix the Oreos and the Cream Cheese together in a big bowl. Although the required amount of Cream Cheese is 1 cup, I suggest adding the cream cheese a little a time. Start with half a cup, and if the oreo does not yet meet a dough consistency, add more cream cheese. Be careful not to add too much, otherwise it will reach a runny consistency. You want it almost like dough, where you are able to mold it.
♥ Mold the Oreo "dough" to a round circle shape.
♥ Melt your chocolate chips and dip the oreo truffles into the chocolate. Put it on a wax sheet.
♥ You can melt white chocolate, and drizzle white chocolate on top, or while it's still wet, take some oreo crumbs and spread them on top.
♥ Put the Oreo truffles into the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes (depending). The colder they are, the better they taste. It is optional to put them on cupcake liners (for appearances only).


& you're finished! How easy was that? These taste absolutely delicious! Do not worry about the cream cheese making it taste weird, all you taste is yummy oreos and chocolate! Have fun making it, and tell me if you guys try it and what you think about it! 


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

DIY: Little Cake ♥ Petite Gateau

Hey everyone!

Here's a little DIY for a cheap price that you can make yourself! It is a really cute item, and a collection and super fun to create! Basically what it is, is you sew your own cake.

Here is the packaging:
I got two different types of cake, banana and blueberry, but it has a bunch of different types of cakes you can choose from!
Inside the box contains all the felt you need, instructions (Very easy to follow!), stuffing, and sewing materials.


Here are some more detailed pictures of the cake I have made: 

♥ I actually purchased this from the Dollar Store! 
♥ You may also find it in other craft stores, like Michael's.

♥ Fun, and easy to make!
♥ Affordable
♥ A cute collection own!
♥ Simple and easy instructions to follow
♥ Whether you are a beginner or a pro at sewing, this can be easily done.

♥ A little time consuming
♥ Easy to make a mistake in

Overall this was a fun project, and an easy DIY! You guys should all check out your dollar stores and craft stores and see if you can find some! :)

-ohmisselle ♥

Sleek Makeup Review #2 ♥

Hey guys!

Merry Belated Christmas ;D
Today, I got my Sleek Makeup package as a Christmas gift! I ordered the Oh So Special Palette, Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink, and Sleek Makeup Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac.

The first item is the Oh So Special Palette. It has a lot of really pretty colours, and I'm sure I will enjoy using this in the future. I feel that you can make two different looks with the palette, both dark and natural!

The next item is the Sleek Makeup Blush in Pixie Pink. It looks very cute and girly, not the most natural blush colour obviously, but I love it. It is soft, and matte and looks pretty on skin.

The last item is Sleek Makeup's Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac. I think this is a pretty good product considering that it's a tinted lip colour, and a lip moisturizing product with SPF 15 as well. It has a pretty natural pink colour, and is a little buildable. It's also pretty glossy, I'm not a big fan of glossy, but it's not that bad. 


Sleek Makeup is affordable, with great quality. It is long lasting, and the package came in really quickly! 


Monday, 5 December 2011

Turn Dry Nail Polish into Brand New again!

Hey everyone!

Have you ever bought a bunch of really great nail polish, only to see that a couple of weeks later it has turned dry? I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate dry nail polish, especially when I wanna use it some more! Well, here is a super easy trick that will turn any dry nail polish into brand new again! Not only will it save you some money, it will also save your favourite nail polish!

  1. Any dried up Nail Polish you own.
  2. Nail Polish Remover (100% Pure Acetone)

  1. Take your dried nail polish and set the brush aside. 
  2. Take your nail polish remover and pour an estimated amount inside the nail polish. Make sure not to put too much. Only put a little bit.
  3. Close the nail polish tight, and shake. 
Now it's brand new and ready to use again! You will be amazed at how fast, easy and effective this is! It will literally make dry nail polish wet and new again. 

My Daily Body Skin Routine ♥

Hey girlies!

Winter is just around the corner, and for some of us it has already come. Winter is a cold season, and one of the many reasons that leads to dry cracked skin. Now, I think for us ladies, we'd like to keep the skin of our legs, arms, or just our whole body in general smooth, glowy, and soft looking. This routine is not only good for one season, it is great to use all the time, for all seasons. Especially in the Summer, this routine will get your skin to glow in the sun.

This is my personal body skin routine, and I have been doing this for over a year, and my skin looks great. Do not expect instant results in the moisturizing part, but do expect quick results for the glowy part! Now let's begin this routine:


  1. Vaseline (Original)
  2. Baby Oil (Preferably Johnson's. The Aloe Vera type)
  3. Moisturizing Body Lotion 

  1. After taking a shower, do not dry your body. While your body is still wet, take some Vaseline on your finger tips and rub it on your skin as you would do with lotion. The wetness of your body will make it easier for the Vaseline to spread. So make sure your body is wet while doing this.
  2. Dry up, but pat instead of rub. Rubbing your skin dry will just wipe off the Vaseline you have just applied. 
  3. Take some Baby Oil onto your hands and rub it like you would with lotion. If you have stretch marks, rub it on those areas especially, and on dry spots. The baby oil will instantly make your skin literally glow, and look healthy.
  4. Apply any lotion of your choice normally as you would.
Now you are finished! Your skin will instantly glow, and look and feel softer. Literally! This is great for all body types. Do not have any concerns on this making your skin oily! The Baby Oil is gentle on your skin as it is made specially for babies. The Vaseline is also originally a great moisturizing tool!

Give this body skin routine a try, and let me know what you think about it, and what it has done for you! 

Feel free to also request anything!

-ohmisselle ♥

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What to expect from me in the month of December:

Hi bloggers!!

I am so very, deeply sorry I haven't blogged in a month. I have been very busy because of school, but no worries, I am very hyped up for the month of December! Here are some things you should expect from me soon! :

♥ Outfit Posts
♥ Christmas Goodies (Baking, items)
♥ Show Off Saturday
♥ Makeup Reviews
♥ Other blog posts showing any items that I think is worth sharing!

I really can't wait for this coming month, I will definitely be posting lots! Thank you so much for keeping up with me, even though I haven't posted in forever!

See you guys soon!! ♥ 


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Show Off Saturday: Victoria's Secret Bombshell ♥

Hey guys!

I haven't posted in a while, sorry! I am starting out this new session called, "Show Off Saturday" Basically what this is, is just me showing you guys a random product I have lying around my bedroom that I either think is cute, or a product that I just love. It can be a new product, or an old product. So to start of this new session, I will be showing you off this miniature size Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume! Super old product, it's been lying around my bedroom for a while and I have never used it.

It's just a small perfume, smaller than the size of my palm. Just a random product I thought I should share to you guys! Basic moral of this post is, look around your room! You'll never know what you'll find!! I didn't even know I had this. And that concludes the end of this super duper short post!

Oh, and a little update. I will be doing a new poll every saturday, so you can check that out and vote on the side! Thanks.


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